May May Base!

One of my biology professors preaches about unicorns and someone drew him two unicorns with cutie marks and posted it on his door.  I couldn’t help but get involved

People keep vandalizing our campus with things like THUG LIFE.  After seeing someone write “No, you go to a private Catholic college in Minnesota. Not thug life,” I decided to become part of the anti-vandalism crew.

Results of Non-brony favorites with times I checked:

7:35am Apple Jack was taken

8:35am Both Fluttershy taken

9:26am: Rainbow Dash has a home

1:00pm: Pinkie Pie and Rarity are missing!

5:00pm: Twilight and Derpy have a home! (Really surprised by this result)

Two days later: Taken down :( Heard many laugh as I was checking up on it so I am more than happy!